Hidden assumptions

Thanks to Jason McDonald for finding this brilliant clip:

What a great example of spotting an assumption everyone makes about how a game is played. Viv and I sometimes talk about the tyranny of effort where we are trying so hard that we don’t spot simple, less manic solutions to problems.

3 thoughts on “Hidden assumptions

  1. Ian Glendinning

    Isn’t that weird. I was on the receiving end of an almost identical trick as a team manager in (real) football some years ago.

    Restarting from a corner, there is no rule that says you have to cross the ball or pass to a team mate. The corner-taker simply rolled the ball forward one diameter and walked away. A few moments later a second attacking player sauntered up as if to place the ball and take the corner, but simply walked the ball into our penalty area and scored, before we realised the ball had been in play.

    I even lodged a complaint for unsporting play – to no avail. You got me on that one Ray.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Jon: I’m no expert but what usually happens in this play is the ball gets snapped back to the quarterback and the other team charge forward to try and knock him down and/or anyone he tries to pass the ball to. So the action is pretty manic. The slow casual move done here is completely unexpected.


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