How to spend your ad budget

Another reason why Kathy Sierra is on my must-read list.

Bonus link: Olivier Blanchard riffs on the same theme. Tom Asacker picked out this bit

“The burger joint isn’t an amusement park. Most people’s morning commute isn’t the great arctic tundra.”

“Once the commercials are off the air and your customers realize that your burger wasn’t really all that great that the service sucked, that your car seat is kind of uncomfortable and that the windshield wipers are too noisy, what kind of relationship do you expect to have with them?”

1 thought on “How to spend your ad budget

  1. Jack Yan

    How very true. And yet automakers are some of the worst at letting that relationship end at the door, and sucker you back into servicing in 5,000 miles. Daewoo and Saturn are just plain old GM divisions now—Daewoo has been reduced to being a manufacturing plant, like a surrogate mother whose offspring bears another’s name. The vaunted Smart launch is simply an extension into a new demographic with not a heck of a lot to make it special, as far as I can tell. And, the seats on a Porsche 911 Cabriolet or a Mercedes SLK (don’t know if you have sampled the new one, Johnnie) are uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. Nothing that the Thunderbirds theme can save when playing with the roofs.


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