Paul Goodison prompted me to take a fresh look at Howies. It’s a great website inspiring, funny, provocative, informative. Why can’t more businesses be like this?

We are on a journey from tiny to small, growing slowly by doing things we believe in. Do you hear us?

Here’s a fragment I found further in:

In Finland, the temperatures get real cold… Even if you’re a tree you tend to feel it… They conserve their energy and just wait for the weather to change. Come spring, and the warmer weather breaks, they start growing again… Appropriately, it’s this patience that gives the wood its real strength. And sets it apart from other wood.

We could all learn a lot from a Finnish tree.

Grow slow. Grow strong

To me, it doesn’t matter whether the grow slow idea is objectively true – what I love is the passion with which Howies tell their story.

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