I’m being spoofed

Oh dear the contents of my inbox show that some spammer is spoofing my email address in his or her efforts to plague the world. I don’t suppose there is anything I can do about this, but any suggestions would be welcome… UPDATE after 30 mins. No it’s not spam, it’s the MyDoom/Novarg virus which is now doing the rounds.

Worryingly, some emails bearing this have eluded my installation of Norton Anti-Virus, even though I have their latest definitions which include Novarg. That’s the first time this has happened so it’s just as well I was suspicious. I got the diagnosis from my web host.

And I notice that it’s hard to find a way at the Symantec site to actually report a virus their software hasn’t found… So that’s another two small dents in the Norton reputation for me…

1 thought on “I’m being spoofed

  1. Taran

    Happening to everyone. But don’t worry. Bill Gates just said today that hackers and viruses are making Windows more secure.

    Don’t you feel more secure? 😉


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