3 thoughts on “I’m not bored, I’m empathetic

  1. Jon Husband

    When I yawn, I start thinking conservative thoughts. I suspect that’s because my skull shape changes, and thus the wiring between the two hemispheres of my brain stretches a bit, thus putting some new neurons into play. If I yawn twice, I can’t even spell the word ’empathy”.

    As the yawning subsides, I start seeing things from a more liberal perspective again. I guess that proves this new research I have been hearing about, that one’s political leanings are correlated to brain physiology, or something like that.

  2. annette

    I’ve just returned from a screening of The Big Sleep and yes, you’ve guessed it, I yawned for the final hour having forgotten about the lack of plot, narrative, subtext from previous viewings…but my goodness Bacall is beautiful…


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