Innovation fatigue

Jack Leith points to Scott Berkun having a go at the myths of innovation. Good stuff especially how he takes down the notion of the gifted genius having an epiphany in favour of seeing how ideas rise incrementally out a context.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that an awful lot of talk about innovation seems to reflect a scarcity viewpoint: it’s terribly hard; you must have a rigorous process or you’ll miss something; you’d better put someone in charge of it or it won’t happen; Britain (insert your country here) must become more innovative or else. Yadda Yadda. I prefer to take a more abundant view that innovation happens really easily when we deal with our real needs and passions. Much talk about championing innovation seems to me to involve a lot of chest thumping but not much connection to reality.

1 thought on “Innovation fatigue

  1. Jeff Lindsay

    Agree that much of the talk on innovation is chest thumping, often disconnected from the fatigue reality behind it. There is a newly published book, “Conquering Innovation Fatigue,” which might be of interest on this topic. Published by John Wiley and sons. Preview at


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