Inside the Gherkin

The strangest building on the London Skyline is generally known as The Gherkin. I was invited a launch party there by my friend Sue Glasser and it was quite fun to hail a cab and say “Take me to the Gherkin”.

From the inside great views over London… and an interesting tour of high tech meeting spaces only lacking Blofeld and his white cat. I found myself discussing Building Management Systems, a topic on which I have recently become a bit of an expert*, thanks to a current branding project I’m invoved with. Quite fun to bluff my way with the jargon.

They were celebrating a fit-out and I was celebrating Sue’s new website – check it out, she combines her talent for dance and choreography to do facilitation work with companies.

* Update, April 2007. Let’s emphasise the word “bit” in this clause. I just got a phone call from a researcher on Building Management and had to admit to being unable to offer much intelligence on this at all. Fading memory etc.

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