I’m still feeling great after running a facilitation day for a client with my friends at The Clarity Partnership last Friday. This was an opportunity to work with a leadership team using a mixture of reflective practice (meditation) theatre/improv games and elements of visual dialogue (a process using pictures to capture problems and get people talking about them). It was a joy to work with a client who wanted to use these very human practices to open up conversations and support team building.

This year I’ve been really apprecating the ideas of Curt Rosengren whose personal mission is to get people to follow a career that reflects their passions. Closing the working year with this workshop I had the sense that I was following mine. What goes with that is a sense of deep satisfaction different from a more adrenalised sense of elation. I really love faciliation work, especially with clients who are willing to step into the unknown and see what can be discovered. Wonderful things happen when people find ways to be truly present to each other’s experiences, and the mixture of reflective practice and Improv really allows this to happen. Next year, I want to do much more of this kind of work.

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