Instant solutions

My friend Oli London’s-most-sociable-entrepreneur” Barrett has been thinking about the widespread enthusiasm for instant solutions – very much evident in crazed proposals for dealing with knife crime here in the UK. With suitable irony he offers us

The Medium Term Solution (MTS).

You heard it hear first, reader. Too well-thought-through to be dismissed as a ‘gimmick’ yet tangible enough to show results within months rather than years….

What we need is a fresh new way for Britain to identify, share, rate and replicate Stuff That Works. The ideas are out there, in the hands of individuals and organisations around the country. We can’t rely on the traditional media to share their stories so we’ve got to take action ourselves. A Twitter stream of social action success. Now who wouldn’t want to follow that?

I think Oli’s picking up on the dilemma for those of us who are weary of gimmicks and also recognise the challenge of selling “reflection” to an audience high on stimulants. I very much like the idea of sharing stuff that works and also fear the pitfalls of only talking about success. Maybe the real need is for a constant spirit of social action enquiry?

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