Interesting times…

Geoff Brown writes about Emerging Possibilities and Collaboration.

I am sensing a shift in the work that I do. A shift from being reactive to client offers to a more proactive space. New ventures where collaboration with others, co-learning and creating opportunities for new types of work to emerge.

Later, he adds

The work phone has all but stopped ringing. The offers from traditional clients to work with me is at an all time low. On the flip side, the offers from friends and worldwide networks to work & play is at an all time high!

What I see happening in my work is that the distinctions between boxes like “friends”, “colleagues”, “rivals” and “clients” are getting fuzzier. These labels have their uses but can easily lead us into boxing human beings in ways that limit possibility.

Dealing with money is getting fuzzier too. For me, this is part of a transition that is in part about the web and in part a lifestage thing. A friend once suggested that as we get older, our focus in work shifts from achievement to meaning. I used to work in advertising and it paid pretty well, but over time I found the money wasn’t enough to keep me motivated. Perhaps we all have a finite amount of mutton we’re willing to dress up as lamb before we stop?

Lately I’ve been struck by the abundance of energy and ideas friends of mine can generate around projects they really care about, where there’s little or no money in it for them. At the same time, I see so many examples of squillions squandered “incentivising” people in underwhelming corporate ventures.

1 thought on “Interesting times…

  1. Geoff Brown

    Nice build on my post Johnnie. I think that ‘going deeper’ to a new level of meaning in my work is what this time of change is all about.

    I feel like the work we have started together in The Slips is just a beginning. Then you add people like Simo, Euan Semple and Dave Gurteen into the mix and a whole new conversation begins to build.

    If 12 months ago my phone stopped ringing like it has now, I’d probably be worried sick and reaching for some magic levers. I’d probably start working really hard at doing anything of any value. It’s times like now that the “Notice More” mantra is most powerful. Cheers Geoff


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