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A few months I ago I blogged about a dispute I was having with Iomart (which also trades as Ufindus). Eventually I resolved it.

I notice there have been several comments from other dissatisfied customers which led me to this rather extraordinary posting: Class Action against Ufindus. It’s a catalogue of customers’ tales of woe about the company including many allegations of dishonesty and general shabbiness.

I don’t know whether to celebrate the power of the net for allowing us to find each other… or despair that such a company carries on like this.

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  1. Kevin

    Hello Johnnie,

    We must have missed your linkback in admin but are delighted to see someone else that we can call on for help.

    I’m going to say, lets’ “celebrate the power of the net for allowing us to find each other… “

    The fact there are good people and companies on the internet makes it all the more difficult for rogues like iomart/ufindus to continue with their somewhat questionable methods.

    I decided that even if it costs me and my company a fortune by offering not only a free legal service but also alternative services that people deserve it will be well worth it as I continue to get dozens of complaints daily.

    Things are going very fast here, and its only as a result of a holiday accident that things haven’t gone even quicker!

    To keep you up to speed, we are about to take Ufindus to court now as we feel we have enough evidence to do so. For obvious reasons, I won’t post them on this reply but you have my contact details, or can get them by e-mail at the mail given okay.

    Let’s work together to deal with these rogue traders, the more unity the more chance we have against charletons like this. I can offer service such as websites and the like and even the free legal representation, but what I can’t do is to look for victims, they must come to us! Please help us in this if you will as the more we rescue from the clutches of ufindus/iomart the better.

    Please contact me as soon as you can so we can perhaps discuss what stage we are at etc etc….


    Kevin and the team,

    The Orange Pages Group

  2. Alison Cowan

    I just had a call from Iomart today. I didn’t know about any of this or what action is is

    is being taken but I would like to know



    I would appreciate it if someone could offer some advice. My dispute with Ufindus/Iomart has been going on for a year now and I cannot get rid of them. I have had no joy with the website from the word go and they want paying for it. They haven’t answered any of my correspondence all year. Could someone tell me how to proceed?? PLEASE????

  3. Kevin

    i work for a competeter of ufindus and the storys i hear are horrendus the most annoying thing is that it makes my job hard because people dont trust website desigers anymore because of ufindus but i must stress there are lots of designers out there who are toatally reputable


    Hello everyone and anyone who has been taken for a ride by ufindus, they are still trying their level best to miss-sell to people who know little or nothing about the internet. They are clearly rattled by our help to victims as they have even libelled us on making wild claims that are only helping people with problems with ufindus/iomart becuase we are bitter over losing a court case over copyright infringement.

    Well being the owner of the company this statement kind of surprised me to say the least as I wasn’t invited to the party! I’ve never been involved in any legal contest with ufindus or iomart and the only reason I offer help is that people came to us unsolicited as a result of the confusion with the word ufind which is an intrinsic and well known part of our name.

    However, there will Court action now, as I am not prepared to be libelled by anyone let alone a company of this nature. It just shows how desperate they are though if they feel the need to post on blogs telling people the’ve seen the light and will never lie again! Court case, Ruling! You couldn’t get a bigger bloody lie!

    These people should be thrown in Jail not just fined by the DTI as and when they catch up with them. It will only make me more determined that we will help these victims, lots of them don’t have a pot to p*** in so how can they afford to take a multi million turnover company to Court? Well that’s where I come in, I can afford it, and I’d rather drive around on a scooter than my Jag if it meant selling it to fund the cases.

    @Dwiane, repsect is always there for designers, its not you that is critisised, its the companies that the designers work for as it is they who tell the designers what to do.

    Ufindus don’t have desigers do they? I thought thier template were the work of a retired Zoo Chimp who wanted to earn a few bucks? At least that’s the level of design I’ve seen!!!


  4. peter farley

    ufindus rang me and missed sold me an add on there web site, i never recived one phone call from any potential customers so i canceld my direct debit with them, now am still on their site

    and i’ve had numerous phonecalls pestering me for money.their saying it was a 12 months contract that i have with them, but that was not what they said when the sales man rang me, he said i could cancel in 3 months so i payed on my debit card over the phone and signed contract at a later date, but i never read small print, he told me a load of lies, and i would advise any one not to deal with them because they have sales reps lying for them about their terms and conditions, the bastards.

  5. Stephen Peacock

    Oh dear – I’ve just stumbled on this site whilst trying to set up my website recently purchased through ufindus. I’m still within the 5 day cooling off period – I take it no one has had any joy through ufindus?

  6. OLLY

    I don’t know whether to be happy that I’m not alone, or sad, that so many people have been ripped off.

    Iomart designed a webbpage for me 4 years ago and then rang to tell me in their words ‘it’s crap’.

    They then asked if I’d like to pay £2000 to upgrade it.

    I refused and sent a cancellation letter asking for my money back – I heard nothing, so put it down to experience and wrote it off.

    4 years later I get a call from Ufindus to say they have been billing me for the past 4 years and if I didn’t pay they would send in the debt collectors.

    I informed them that I cancelled their service and also that I hadn’t ordered any other services.

    They said you don’t have to, by paying your initial invoice, you entered into a business to bussiness contract and we can bill you indefinety.

    I told them that was obsurd and also that I hadn’t received any notification, invoices or statements regarding the matter over the past 4 years.

    I was then told by their account manager Cindy: It’s not up to us to inform you that you owe us money, you should have logged into our website, we are paperless office!

    Alarm bells started ring that this might be a wind-up, but to my horror she was for real.

    How do these multi-million pound Companies get away with it. Why is the Governmental bodies doing nothing to stop them. The man in the street would get a 10 year prison sentence for extortion & blackmail.

    It’s a licence to print money and it appears our Governmenal bodies welcome it. Trading standards pass you onto consumer protection, they in turn pass you onto the DTI. Perhaps these Governmental bodies think I’ve got nothing better to with my time, but as a one man business, I need to put my time to good use, mainly paying my mortgage and feeding my kids.

    It’s a disgrace.


    amazing so many people complaining about a company that does exactly what it says i,ve had 100 % increase in my work since signing up with them best thing i ever did . Remember Guys this company has lots and lots of happy customers , I know i have recommended at least 20 of my buisness friends all of whom are happy


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