Is facilitation a fat word?

Andrew Rixon reckons facilitation is a Fat Word.

That is a word overused and abused and one which seems to hold way too much meaning for its own good.

Yeah I think I know what he means. He reports that some folks wanted to call themselves Passionistas, but Andrew’s not convinced. Nor am I, though I think it does help get away from the illusion of neutrality that sometimes hamstrings facilitation.

2 thoughts on “Is facilitation a fat word?

  1. Andrew Rixon

    Heya Johnnie,

    I certainly look forward to catching up about this and a whole lot more over lunch next month!

    I noticed there was a trend in the US a few years ago where ‘facilitator’ was almost a dirty word. I wonder whether there might be something like that going on in Oz at the moment. What about in the UK?




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