It’s hard not love a good pirate

According to this Swedish news site

Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay is planning to buy its own nation in an attempt to circumvent international copyright laws.

The group has set up a campaign to raise money to buy Sealand, a former British naval platform in the North Sea that has been designated a ‘micronation’ and claims to be outside the jurisdiction of the UK or any other country.

Hat tip: The Trademark Blog, who quips “In a related story, the RIAA has Announced Formation Of Its Own Navy.”

1 thought on “It’s hard not love a good pirate

  1. Jack Yan

    I found Prince Roy’s “civil servants” very accommodating when I approached them some years ago, so even if they do not manage to secure the title to Sealand, I would imagine they could meet some criteria for being incorporated there. However, the piracy thing could be a deal-breaker: Sealand currently requires certain standards of their subjects, and I wonder if Prince Roy would be willing to see the title transferred to the Pirate Bay.


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