It’s the people…

Earl has a nice riff on Euan’s post about the real value in networks being the people and not the technology.

Euan puts a better suit on something I’ve been saying since I found out what end-to-end meant. That the ends in question are not devices but their users

He goes on:

The problem for many “networkers” is that you can’t do it by going to a conference and splashing your business card about and having 3-minute dates. You get there by persistence shared resources, gifts of knowledge or help… those who think in terms of silver bullets and best practise wont even be in the game.

Yep, another blow to the lovers of organisational diagrams…

1 thought on “It’s the people…

  1. Stuart Reid

    Yes, and…one of the great things about social media is it makes it so easy to give those gifts – a comment on a blog, a link to a website, a quick reply on Twitter.

    For example, I was able to answer a question posted on Twitter by Paul Daniels – someone I watched on the telly ever Saturday night as I was growing up. He is someone I would never otherwise have connected with, and it also meant that my first contact with him was a gift freely given, rather than a burden or request.

    Hurrah for the interweb!




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