“It’s unacceptable not to share what you know”

Very interesting post by Mark Brady.

It contains this diagram. I usually hate this kind of thing but found this one quite engaging. It explores how we respond to shocks; I’m intrigued by the parallel paths of responding to both good news and bad. It comes from this paper.

1 thought on ““It’s unacceptable not to share what you know”

  1. Graham Hill


    This looks like another derivation of the original brief and berevement model developed by Elizabeth Kübler Ross in the 60/70s.


    The model as presented is potentially misleading: It implies all people go through the same process, even for much smaller emotional changes than the model was originally developed for. It also doesn’t take account of relapses that typically take place during significant emotional changes. Or of the social dynamics in organisations that can radically change the process, the duration and the magnitude of the stages.

    The model should be seen as a crude guide.

    Best regards from Köln, Graham


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