Jetlagged in Singapore

I’m on my way back to Blighty overnighting here in Singapore.

It’s 6am apparently, but I am deep in jetlag and wouldn’t like to vouch for this.

A very long flight to wintry London in prospect this morning. Still, I’ve earmarked a few good movies to watch on the seat back entertainment of Singapore Airlines.

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to London. I kinda fell in love with New Zealand and I’m missing it!

UPDATE 8.30am. At the airport I see that David Weinberger is in town today doing a workshop on Conversational Marketing. Dang, I wish I’d known about that or I’d not be flying out today!

3 thoughts on “Jetlagged in Singapore

  1. Robert Paterson

    Hi Johnnie

    I can “feel your pain”!!!!!”

    Not much worse than a long distance flight – especially when you don’t want to be going to where you are going.

    Safe trip “home”

    New Zealand sounds like a better fit for you

    Best wishes Rob

  2. Chris Pearse

    Well I’ll be glad to have you back, Johnnie, even if the damp seeps into your blog. Well done on being entertaining and challenging – even on holiday!

  3. Broadband and Me

    Johnnie’s Coming Home

    Jetlagged in Singapore Welcome back Johnnie… Just need to work out how to emigrate now 🙂 And on an earlier point, Conversations invite possibilities – rants invite rants So what do you want from life?…


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