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I was very sad to learn that John Ptak the husband of my friend Patti Digh, has been struck with cancer. Patti’s response to this, as to so many of the curve balls life throws her, has been extraordinary.

As John is uninsured in the American healthcare system, they have set up a fundraising page to help cover the horrendous costs. At least it gave me a practical way to try to help.


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  1. Grumpy bear

    Responsibility is a verb. Some of us have to go to work to pay for health insurance for ourselves and our families. What do they do? Not bother and go about their merry way until something goes wrong and then a big oops. This is why people should get fined for not having health insurance. Where does their money go? How does the daughter pay for an apartment all summer while working serving tables? What was John doing that prevented him from getting a job and pay for health insurance. They’re both educated enough. What stopped them from caring for their family enough so that they could pay for their own health care. How crazy is that? So a nice fine 100,000 get’s raised. Where has it gone? Kidney surgery and all it entails? Let’s list that at 60,000 tops and that’s being generous. Fancy organic food, nutritionists for the whole family, new haircuts for Patti, spa days for the girls, vacations booked, those fancy new boots. The list goes on. How about some limits on spending and get saving to pay for your own health care? We all have to do it. It’s part of being a responsible adult. Responsibility is a verb. We don’t live in a society where you can just live like this and now pay for it in the end. Step up and stop spending unless you can afford it. If you can’t afford health insurance, you can’t afford spa days and new boots and fancy organic food. It’s simple math. Your youngest will teach you.

    Yes, I gave $50 for John. I don’t earn much but I am OK. I work 50 hours a week to raise my family and provide health care. That makes me a lucky one. But, we don’t have vacations, we can’t afford organic, no spas, or cute boots. I don’t like seeing my $50 stamped as a picture of Patti’s new boots that you don’t need. People who can’t afford health insurance don’t do that. I didn’t need cute new boots which is why I gave $50. If I got my $50 back would I buy cute new boots? No. Would I buy my daughter cute new boots? No. It would go towards next month’s bills so everything would be a little lighter.


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