Just a flesh wound

We were playing improv games in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens this morning. I do admit getting a cheap thrill from the way this creates an impact on passers by.

We’d just finished a game of I’m a Tree when I became aware of a woman sitting nearby watching with a smile on her face. We invited her over and thus we met April. She said it brought back fond memories of past improv games she’d learnt. She’s a Canuck visiting Australia in a spirit of saying yes to things so she opted to join us for an hour or two. Which is the kind of thing I really like.

We went on to play one of my favourites, Slow Motion Samurai. Click the link for the full SP but it’s essentially a physical game in which we play warriors attacking each other in slow motion. April then talked about a similar game with she knew with a variation. Basically, instead of killing your opponents, you simply disable their limbs. So as it progresses, players gradually have to play one-legged, one-armed, no-legged etc.

This immediately recalled a classic python scene so I said let’s try it, and we could call it:It’s Just a Flesh Wound. So when you end up limbless, your role is to issue passionate but absurd challenges to the variously better-limbed players to continue the fight. It was a lot of fun, and amongst other things a great drill in the principle of commitment.

And, needless to say, the slim pretext I need to share the classic clip above (link here if you can’t see it.)

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