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This tweet from Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan caught my eye.

With respect I am unsure what the Home Secretary thinks that she told GMP to do different. She listened but said nothing. Tactics were ours!

I think twitter so lowers the threshold for “publishing” that we start putting into the record things more spontaneously. I think it’s one of the ways it subverts more rigid hierarchy and eats away at the power of those at the top.

1 thought on “Just a tweet

  1. Earl Mardle

    I remember being on a jury for a website competition some years ago. We talked through the various sites at the top of the table and mostly agreed but there was one place left and I put in a bid for one that I found very good.

    The others asked me to give them the detail and then pointed out that practically everything I said was adverse criticism, but I still thought they should take the award because there was something going on there.

    They had failed in many small ways, but mostly because they were trying to do more good stuff that needed to be encouraged.

    Conversely, I often look at stuff that is supposed to be top notch and wonder what the hell they are thinking.


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