Just stop

Lisa Haneberg is continuing her thoughts about stopping performance appraisals.

If you have a system that is damaging and everyone hates why do you need a replacement? Why not just stop? Surely stopping the appraisal process would be helpful and a huge relief. I dont think we need an alternative to appraisals to discontinue their use.

Makes sense to me. The people who suggest you can’t get red of it without a replacement seem to fear the unknown. I’d suggest getting rid of it and see what emerges. Of course, this involves letting go of a command-and-control mindset. What a relief that could be.

1 thought on “Just stop

  1. Tom Asacker

    I showed up at the end of one of my daughter’s play practices recently and discovered the solution to the worn out practice of performance appraisals: end of day feedback. All cast members gathered round at the end of their “day” and listened attentively to the show’s assistant director as she reenacted the performance with the aid of her meticulous notes. Was everyone happy with the feedback? Of course not. But was it immediately apparent to everyone who and what needed to change to produce the best performance possible? Of course! Transparency and inclusion is the key.


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