JWT rethinks

Nick Wreden has been looking at how ag agency JWT have been reviewing their approach. They have some interesting ideas including “the audience is the new client”. There’s also a new ten point ranking for rating creative ranging from 1 (Damaging) to 10 (World beating).

It’s an interesting effort to ring the changes – and certainly the big agencies have their work cut out.

For me, there’s a characteristic adman’s emphasis on striving for brilliance and making an impact on others. All fine, but what about responding to customers and letting them participate in creating good stuff?

Nick points out that this scale makes no reference to practical results. I think the implied reverence of the revolutionary may discourage work that is ordinary, down-to-earth, useful and effective. Truth isn’t always gobsmackingly exciting.

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  1. sieze the day

    Schapelle Corby – BLOGGERS…WHAT ARE WE DOING??

    Bloggers, please.. if you read this and see any validity in what in what I am saying and if you feel that we as a community can actually do something to make the world a better place to live in…


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