Keeping conversations inside the room

Steve Yastrow blogs his new article The Window and the Mirror.

Whenever I ask a new or prospective client to describe the issues that confront his or her business they inevitably describe forces from the outside world that stand in the way of success. These forces could include competitive threats, fickle customers, economic conditions, intransigent unions, the weather

3 thoughts on “Keeping conversations inside the room

  1. Chris Corrigan

    Again, another great insight. It meshes well with what I am reading in Prescence, some of which I blogged the other day here. That’s about creating the vision from within rather than trying to envision a future where you have changed all of your external influences.

  2. Robert Paterson

    Hi J

    I think that you have hit the modern nail on the head. Do we not as a habit see everything in the lens of externalities and yet the answer is almost always inside us?

    I am ill – take a pill.

    I am unhappy – take a pill and its your fault

    Commutation is bad here – more spin

    And so on

  3. Broadband and Me

    What’s the matter with you?

    Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: Keeping conversations inside the room I often read things that make me go ah and have a little micro-moment when I think ‘yeah I need to do that’ but then I fail to seize the day. Unlike…


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