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Jake McKee spots that Donna Tocci Kryptonite PR person has started blogging. Though I couldn’t actually find any reference to her employer anywhere, which is kinda interesting.

UPDATE: Kevin at Seattleduck clarifies things: Donna is contributing to a group blog at Shut up and drink the Kool-Aid where she is clear about her role at Kryptonite. Thanks, Kevin.

4 thoughts on “Kryptoniter blogs..

  1. seattleduck

    Kryptoniter blogs…on a team blog about the bike industry

    Johnnie Moore points out that Donna Tocci, PR person from Kryptonite, is blogging but doesn’t reference her employer. However if you click on her profile, turns out she has a brand new group blog with other bicycle industry marketers called &#82…

  2. Tim Jackson- Masiguy

    Thanks for the mention of the blog. Yes, Donna is a big part of what we are doing and will be a great additional voice in our little collaborative chorus.

    Thanks again,

    Tim Jackson

    Brand Manager- Masi Bicycles

    (Chief Kool-Aid dispenser)

  3. Dana VanDen Heuvel

    Bicycle industry marketing blog

    As a cyclist and former bike shop owner, I’ve longed for more marketing folks and cyling industry mavens to talk about the bike industry, something I’ve loved and followed now for 16 years. Great to hear (via Johnnie Moore & Kevin Briody) Donna of Kryp…


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