James emailed me a link to this entertaining article. Does Your Leadership Development Strategy Include World of Warcraft? Obviously as a WoW addict I am biased but I think there’s something in it. I especially like the sharp dig at the current vogue for identifying “high potentials” in business.

It links to this video about which I have mixed feelings. I think Prof Hill has some perfectly sensible things to say in this…

…but I found the format comically reminiscent of pre-Robin Day interviews with our political masters. (When the most daring question asked of the Prime Minister was “is there anything you’d care to tell us about your recent visit to (insert name of obscure outpost of the British Empire)”) The question itself “Where will we find tomorrow’s leaders?” seems a touch neurotic. I guess I’m just very wary of anything that suggests leadership is a mysterious calling and that we should be worried about finding it. I’m underwhelmed that Harvard thinks it’s on the cutting edge with stuff like this.

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