Learning or problem-solving?

Chris Corrigan reviews a paper on non-linear learning. The bit that caught my eye was this:

It suggests that humans are oriented more toward learning (a process that leaves us changed) than toward problem solving (a process focused on changing our surroundings).

3 thoughts on “Learning or problem-solving?

  1. The Newest Industry

    Non-Linear Thought: Leaving you changed

    I am noted for having an unusual way of approaching problems. In fact, over a decade ago, someone leaned across the cube wall to me at my first real project and said “I need your non-linear approach to help me solve this problem”.
    I still consider t…

  2. Peter

    “The problem-solving process ends when you run out of time, money, energy, or some other resource, not when some perfect solution emerges…”

    Finally, I can blame my failures on the deadlines…Thanks for the pointer to this paper. I enjoyed reading it.


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