LinkedIn to better service?

Jack Yan spots an interesting post by Ismael Ghalimi. He used LinkedIn to find someone at United Airlines who was able to resolve a problem for a group of his friends.

Jack sees this is a sign of a return to better customer service at United. For me it says a little more about the value of LinkedIn, a service that up until now I’ve valued very little. I might need to think again.

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn to better service?

  1. Konstantin Guericke

    I just made a new push to get all on my contacts into LinkedIn.

    It has the potential to do many things.

    Solving problems is one of the most powerful uses of the tool.

    I’ve also seen people make deals with others they would have never met if they had not used LinkedIn.

    Like most things in life (and business) you get out of it what you put into it.


    It’s great to see people use our product in innovative ways.

    While few people seek to “network online”, relationships definitely matter in business, and our goal is to help people manage their existing relationships with former co-workers, business partners, vendors, etc. mcuh more effectively than what they can do with Outlook or other tools.

    I agree that LinkedIn definitely is a product that produces much better returns the more you put in. And “more” is less defined by quantity, but more by quality and how you make use of it. Ismael was obviously extremely creative.

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  3. Gwen

    LinkedIn gives excellent control of searches by name, title, geography, and industry type. And the number of users speaks for itself.


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