links for 2010-09-12

  • I've managed to stay out of World of Warcraft for a year now. This is a pretty useful guide to the multiple game mechanics that kept me hooked for so long…

  • "Collectively there was something in the order of 1000 work days at the conference which if it was a research grant would have been in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of staff buy out. Even if just a fraction of that had been harnessed in a more focused way we could have done something amazing together."

  • " Social curation does not mean the end of editorial curation it means the opportunity to combine them to make an even better product."

  • I like to think I write without slavishly chasing linkage. That's partly because I'm usually hopeless at guessing what will and won't be popular. So I found this little analysis interesting, though I hope it doesn't make us all into tricksy copywriters…

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