links for 2010-09-15

  • "Atwood uses the clip as an analogy to make the point that you don’t have to release a perfect product first thing, you just need to improve faster than anyone else. In other words, you can win through out-experimenting and out-iterating your competition. His examples are Chrome and Android from Google. Chrome put out 6 versions in the time it took Microsoft to get from Internet Explorer 7 to IE8. In the course of those iterations, Chrome has gone from an adequate browser to a pretty excellent one. Same with Android."

  • I'm a fan of Ivan Illich so I tend to subscribe to the conventional wisdom that schools constrain children's creativity. But Keith Sawyer offers some useful pushback on this.

  • "While hackers and open source tinkerers like nothing more than linking technical systems or pooling data swamps, most of the world see the walls around them as comforting and reassuring. Not just inconvenient barriers that need to be smashed down to accelerate disruption." I think that how we experience boundaries, as comforting or blocking, is more rich and diverse than we often realise.

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