links for 2010-12-13

  • Funny and largely true

  • Thought-provoking My favourite is '9. Be aware of how often you ask people to do something as opposed to asking other people “what needs to be done”.' via Dave Pollard

  • Fascinating, esp this: " Not surprisingly, the ability to make sense of words takes up a significant chunk of the visual cortex, as brain cells previously devoted to object recognition get usurped by the alphabet. (Dehaene refers to this process as “neuronal recycling.”) Deheane also speculates that, while “learning to read induces massive cognitive gains,” it also comes with a hidden mental cost: because so much of our visual cortex is now devoted to literacy, we’re less able to “read” the details of the natural world. (Just imagine all the things you could notice if you couldn’t read this sentence.) " via @chriscorrigan

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