2 thoughts on “links for 2011-02-21

  1. Johnnie Moore


    Just discovered where I found this video! Here! Doh! I’ve re-posted it on Horizons of Significance

    I’ll add a link back to your post.


    Antonio thanks, I love your definition of mastery which I’ll requote here for the benefits of those not clicking through to you!

    “overcoming the limits of the self through the practice of a life-affirming discipline. It is NOT a synonym for an abusive controller.”

  2. Chris Corrigan

    And to be clear, what she actually plays is not improvised, it is, note for note, Mozart’s piano concerto, but how she gets from panic to playing is the best of the improvisor’s skill set, especially the practice of the principle of committing. Once you start, keep going. And take everything as an offer, the rest of the orchestra, the conductors small shout of encouragement…



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