Losing freedom

I agree with Andrew Sullivan’s analysis:

America has exchanged some if its basic freedoms for the patina of phony security – and so easily… We have terrible enemies abroad seeking to destroy our way of life. But this truth should never blind us to the danger within as well. Al Qaeda can only give us death. It is up to us to surrender the liberty they despise. In so many ways, we already have.

2 thoughts on “Losing freedom

  1. Rednose

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    This is something that I’m sure loads of people are aware of but don’t act upon. It’s a scarey concept.

    Truley, the actions of the governments to protect the people of America and Britain and other countries involved in the War on Terrorism is playing into the hands of the terrorists.

    Almost reminds me of the war of American Independence. Britains Wars were costing America money and they were imposing their goods on America. Replace the British Government with the American Government and its War on Terror, coupled with closing its boarders to a great number of foreign influences and you’ve got a few catalysts to start another civil war.

    Of course the world is too civilized for something like that.

    My appologies for the conspiritorial nature of this comment it wasn’t ment as such.

    See Ya Laterz

  2. David Burn

    Funny that you would exclude the bit about the Republican Party’s role in this, Johnnie.

    “The Republican party, to its historic shame, has been the main vehicle for the replacement of doubt, empiricism and calm judgment with certainty, fundamentalism and raw force.”

    Of course, we can’t just lay the blame there. The illusion of a two-party system needs to be permanently collapsed. For there is but one party here, the party of money. This is nothng new. What is new is how bold Big Business has become. If you accept as I do that Big Business–the oil industry in particular–took the White House illegally, twice, then everything that’s happened since comes as less than a surprise.

    The time for another American Revolution is fast approaching…


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