Lunch and conversation and capture

I had a great lunch yesterday with Chris Corrigan Richard Oliver, Kevin McLean and his partner. Kevin blogged it better than I could here.

Loosely related, I’ve been thinking how often I hear people at meetings concerned with capturing knowledge and capturing outcomes. I wonder if there is some other need being expressed, as so much of the most juicy knowledge seems to me to be social. So I can have a conversation in which I just build a relationship and nothing needs to be captured. In fact, capturing stuff might fail to honour the relationship. Just a thought.

1 thought on “Lunch and conversation and capture

  1. Chris Corrigan

    It’s just occurred to me – after a week at home – that this mindset is to harvesting what unconferencing is to meeting – unharvesting. And it also goes with your Shaw quote of this morning, in that much depends on how we treat the results of a conversation. If we giving stewing and silence no credibility at all, then it appears as if we have done nothing. But if we treat them as high learning modes – which they are – then we are in good shape to, ironically, harvest something from them.

    And then you take a week to post that.


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