Made me laugh

Jennifer Rice by way of Seth Godin pointed me to Media attention brings a bevy of baldies to Lodi restaurant. A restaurant gets oodles of publicity with a discount for bald people.

In today’s global news network people from thousands of miles away could hear about the bald discount even before Lodians knew it existed.

Steve Greer, a 57-year-old Lodi bald man had never heard of the Wednesday special until his brother from Marysville, Wash., caught the story.

“His brother called him up and said, ‘What’s this I heard about bald guys?'” said Rose Deak, Greer’s dining companion for the evening.

A sea of naked heads inhabited the dining room, where patrons were proud to capitalize on their baldness.

“Finally, some small thing the bald man can cling to,” said Christian Robertson, of Lodi.

Well, it’s a good case of Seth’s Free Prize Inside philosophy! I delight in these sort of stories because they could never have been conceived by traditional, highly rational, marketing “processes”.

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