Makes me cry

I found this performance of the Pearl Fishers Duet on YouTube. This piece always makes me want to cry and hearing these voices from the past seems even more poignant. Part of what makes this so thrilling is the sense of the connection in the spaces between the two voices. People bandy about the phrase creative tension but I think the phenomenon it names transcends that. Play this at my funeral please.

2 thoughts on “Makes me cry

  1. Robert Paterson

    ah, it turns out that these Sinhalese fishermen have much to tell us. many thanks for this gorgeous, touching, moving rendition. the phrase ‘creative tension’ is redundant, isn’t it? can creativity emerge from less? and i hope the playing of this recording for your funeral waits a long damn time.


    It’s a promise Johnnie


  2. Leisa Reichelt

    oooh! me too!

    i love it so much I had it as my walking in music at my wedding. Haven’t thought about my funeral music much yet, but I reckon this is a fine choice.

    thanks so much for the link 🙂


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