Making do

Lovely post by Chris Corrigan: Making Do. If you can’t make do with this fillet, you might enjoy reading the whole thing.

Materialism and the acquistion of stuff infects so much of our lives, and goes way beyond simply acquiring material goods. We accumulate all kinds of other things too: practices, tools, ideas, paths, teachings. Sometimes, when we are most lost in this downward spiral, we think if I just had one more theory, one more facilitation tool, one more spiritual practice, I would be complete.

And the truth is, we rarely utilize all that we do have to it’s fullest potential. We confuse span with depth, as Ken WIlber would put it: we think “more” equals “better.”

You could for example acquire a whole range of meditation practices, or you could simply sit for twenty minutes a day for the rest of your life and be mindful of breathing…

“Making do” means stopping the act of skimming surfaces and settle down into deep appreciation of what we have around us.

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