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I like Matt’s post about identity on Facebook. Matt’s blog is way up my must-read scale because he’s in touch with his own shadow. Key quote:

My take is that our identities are to some extent manufactured anyway. We have some influence over how we look and what we do (but not total control). But these identities are also co-created with those around us. We perform ourselves (to an extent). And others feedback to us whether they buy our performances or not through performances of their own…

Human beings have always indulged in hypocrisy and double-standards. They enable us to survive. New technologies mean that we must invent new forms of hypocrisy and innovative double-standards to continue surviving. Because let’s face it, we’re certainly not going to be honest with each other.

7 thoughts on “Matt’s faces

  1. Jack Yan

    Matt is right. Even in an ideal world, no virtual representation is going to be as genuine as the real thing, so we are all inventions to some degree. Anyone who thinks their site is a perfect reflection is kidding him- or herself.

  2. Chris Pearse

    I suspect it’s even worse than that: an identity is a product of perception as well as projection. So we’ll have a different identity for every person we have a relationship with.

    Control that!

  3. Matt Moore

    Earl – lovely post. I think you’d have to do battle with a whole bunch of people in the prior claim stakes.

    One point that you emphasize is that trust & identity is forged and reforged in conversation. I really like that and will steal it shortly.


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