Reading my vanity feed this cartoon (originally blogged in 2004) still generates the odd mention.

It’s funny how we instantly think of meetings as boring and pointless. I recently asked a group to do a round of introductions by recounting the best and worst meetings they’d been to. The consensus seemed to be that the more formal the meeting the more likely it was to enter the worst camp.

My favourite answer for best meeting was the guy who said “meeting my girlfriend”. That disrupted the usual trance in which we evaluate meetings as if they are only the boring things we do at work.

Go into any pub and you’ll see how easy it is for us human beings to organise enlivening meetings. How come we make it seem so hard in our offices? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way, but feel free to answer it if it amuses you.)

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    Johnnie, have to bite on your rhetorical question 🙂

    “Meetings” as we know them have two distinct functions – actually there are two types using same name:

    1. Meetings of minds, people, feelings: In the pub, at the watercooler, ad-hoc in an office, twittering…

    2. Meetings as the cornerstone for the workflow framework: Meet (you must), discuss work to be done, distribute tasks, discuss next meeting, set next meeting, part. Then next meeting, show off or duck as good as you can, discuss what has to be done, distribute tasks, discuss next meeting. Rinse and repeat.

    Guess which one is a pain in the neck. Guess what I think of current workflow frameworks 😉


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