Messiness or order?

I found this after seeing a similar clip on Facebook. I find it mesmerising.

There are times when I see only a mess and then you see order. The transitions can be breathtaking. When I watch it again, I seem to see more patterns and less mess. Feels like a metaphor for a lot of the best kinds of meetings. At the time they are often frustrating just before they become interesting. And with hindsight bias, we see less mess any more order.

Maybe it’s all order, all the way down?

Thanks to Anne McCrossan for helping me find a clip outside Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Messiness or order?

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  2. Earl Mardle

    Heh. The reality is that there is neither order nor messiness, the “patterns” don’t exist in any objective place, they are an outcome of the observation. For example, if you rotate the point of observation a few degrees the patterns will begin to break down and by the time you have rotated 90 degrees they will have ceased to exist.

    Perspective matters. But that calls into question anything we think we know about pattern and especially about whether this or that apparent pattern is a repeat, or a rhyme of any other previous one.

    Like it or not, we cannot externalise the essence of relationships, we can only be a part of them, honestly or dishonestly, authentically or bogusly, intelligently or stupidly, without US there is nothing THERE.


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