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The (other) J Moore continues our Improv conversation. He makes this point really well:

I’ve found the biggest misnomer about Improv in business is executives believe Improv is acting. Improv is not about acting … it’s about looking listening and reacting.

Spot on. Acting is suggestive of a script; what Improv is about is the experience of the unscripted. So much business thinking plans for the planned; so much real life is figuring out what to do with things that aren’t going to plan.

And I love this anecdote

In 1998, Mark McGwire, former St. Louis Cardinals home run hitting first baseman, walked into a Starbucks and gave the barista at the register a

2 thoughts on “Moore Improv…

  1. johnza

    I totally agree with your comments about improv. Napolean said “A battle was never won according to plan

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    Quotes of the week

    Three related quotes this week. The first two came from Sandbox Wisdom: “Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire and similarly, “Most marketing knowledge is tacit knowledge. The issue is one of implementation.” – Mohanbir Sawhney (who really liked…


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