2 thoughts on “Moore on Ries

  1. Tom Asacker

    Take the Ries opinion from whence it comes: from an an ad guy – “Positioning” was written to promote his and Trout’s US agency – to an ad audience – Ad Age.

  2. Paul Goodison

    I think the classic dichotamy (where’s a spell checker when you need one?) is that of strategy as plan (as Ries suggests) or strategy as an emergent position rationalised post hoc. Fundamentally I agree that strategy as experiment should be the way forward however doesn’t it pre-suppose that you have the kind of organisation that can react ‘that’ quickly? Stimulus response is easier for smaller nimble amateurs than big ‘I’ve got a method and I’m going to use it’ consultancies? Of course what do I know about advertising? 🙂


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