More Hugh and the Rabbi

Hugh’s just posted the latest Hugh and the Rabbi Podcast with Hugh Pinny Mark and yours truly.

Hugh’s also written some good show notes which I appreciate as I know that’s harder work than it looks and a good aide memoire for me of the chat. We ramble around fairly shamelessly, but do get to talk about love and the value of small things, amongst other stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “More Hugh and the Rabbi

  1. Geoff Brown


    These Hugh and Rabbi podcasts have been wonderfully entertaining and insightful. I design and stage of behaviour change programs (re tackling climate change) and the whole “Lever” metaphor & doing “lots of little things” has helped to bring together 6 years of practice and learning for me.

    Keep the podcasts coming and Viv and I will soon be launching podcasts from Australia.




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