More on brand narcissism

I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Mitchell’s latest two part rant on brand narcissism. I’m sure Mark will especially enjoy his rip-roaring pisstake of the idea of neuroscience giving clever admen the magic key to control the consumer’s little brain.

It is scientifically proven that most decision-making is inaccessible to introspection by the conscious rational mind. There is, however, a race apart: a race of geniuses who have the rare and unique ability to see into other peoples’ brains and understand their decision-making processes – even when ordinary mortals cannot do this for themselves. This race of geniuses also have an even rarer and more precious ability (generated by their unique access to special ‘insights’ that they alone have access to). They can reach into peoples’ brains, “embedding slogans and images” into them, thereby changing what they think and do … without the dumb klutz ordinary mortals even being aware that it’s happening!

Hat tip: Tweet from Eaon Pritchard

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