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Jon Strande sent me a very nice email about my blog on the language of branding. I don’t know about you but it always brightens my day to get compliments about my blog and I get a childlike delight at finding my words read in other parts of the world.

Anyway, Jon keeps a pretty nice blog himself, and I appreciate his link here and here to this pdf article: Notes on the role of leadership and language in regenerating organisations from Sun. It begins…

An organization is a living system.

To survive in a highly competitive market,

it strives to increase its efficiency.

Language is the defining environment

in which these systems live.

It is how those in the system reach agreement.

It is also a medium for organizational growth

and change….

It is possible for an organization to learn and grow,

but only if it creates conditions

that help generate new language.

Using new language,

an organization may create new paths to productivity,

and regenerate itself.

This feels along the lines of what I was blogging about. I’ve not fully disgested this interesting document yet, and I like that Sun are fomenting conversations in this way. There are many thought provoking insights here… and I do have some concern about this bit of it.

Leadership is the reduction of uncertainty

in an organization.

It comes from clear messages,

which lead to focused actions

that cannot easily be misinterpreted.

It comes from developing channels

for continuous feedback.

Whilst that sounds very appealing in some ways, I don’t think leadership is always about reducing uncertainty; sometimes it is about more about embracing it. Scary thought that is; indeed by arguing for change in conversations, Sun are introducing uncertainty about the current conversations. And when I read this

Some within Sun

are tasked with improving performance

of the present-day business.

They use the current language

to increase efficiencies.

Others are tasked with generating opportunities

for Sun

1 thought on “More on language

  1. Jon Strande


    Glad you like the document!

    Agreed – one who expects, embraces, and plans for change will be best equipped to profit from it.

    Very good point about the ability to separate “business” from “reinvention”, be it in the form of conversations or not. This is sort of an inclusive thing. I for one would sure hate to miss an opportunity because I neglected certain constituents from the conversation.

    Again, glad you liked it – can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts!



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