More on the death of branding

Hugh at gapingvoid is on top provocative form returning to his theme that branding is dead with a few good reasons. I have to admit that this afternoon I especially like number 5 for its insight and number 6 for its directness:

5. “Branding” is all about articulating top-down hierarchal control of the conversation. “This is what it means.” It’s EGOlogy not ECOlogy.

6. I generally find people who like using the word “Brand” a lot are assholes.

Yes it’s rude but I think it has a certain emotional truth.

Yeah, like Jennifer Rice I’d make a modest effort to hold on to the word brand for conversational convenience. But basically I’m with Hugh in his impatience with the twaddle that is so often spoken on either side of the word in sentences.

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