More Space – update

A quick update on the More Space project. Since my first stab outline I’ve been turning it over in my mind.

10,000 words drafted by mid-February is starting to feel daunting! It’s one thing to bash out a blog entry, but an essay.. that will need organising, won’t it? How can I frame this so that it’s fun to write, not the increasingly gutwrenching prospect that it is this Friday night?

[UPDATE] Todd says it’s 5,000 to 10,000 words. Wow, the problem halved overnight without me doing a thing. Which, by the way, might be a good story with which to open the book. In the comments, Tom Guarriello contrasts a guy who seems to write 10,000 words a day

2 thoughts on “More Space – update

  1. Lisa Haneberg

    Johnnie: Perhaps you can look at this from an improv POV. There are improv scenes, and then there are improv movies, like Best in Show (I love that movie), which is a bunch of improv scenes linked together.

    Start with a loosely structured outline and then do a couple scenes a day.

    And yes, we better get moving on our essays, hadn’t we?


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