Net beats newspapers for campaign news

Pew reports a big increase in the number of American’s using the internet for presidential campaign news. The number’s up from 10% to 33% in just four years. TV and newspapers have changed little over the same period.

Doesn’t surprise me. I’m actively following the campaign online and what little TV coverage I’ve seen has felt quite feeble in comparison. I’ve found my personal “trusted sources” and the telly boys can’t compete.

2 thoughts on “Net beats newspapers for campaign news

  1. Jack Yan

    A great deal of this comes from perceived media bias, too. As a result, some voters might wish to go online to find sites that reinforce their views, whether left or right. The tendency was already there in 2004, where liberals seldom frequented conservative sites and vice versa. I imagine that the polarization has continued into 2008.


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