2 thoughts on “Networks and creativity

  1. Wayne Hall

    Johnnie was wondering what your take on Susan Cain’s book, “Quiet” was. She raises issues that have long resonated with me. As an introverted creative, I’m fueled by an interior life, and the lone v. social creative discussion often feels both familiar and, I must say, a bit contrived. Just as extroverts wring meaning in cooperation with others, periods of solitude, an inward turn, are absolutely essential to my creative life and well-being. That’s where I get my energy.

    I was wondering how you approach those quiet and active minds that don’t feel the need to speak up, or talk over, the groups you engage. Thoughts?

  2. Wayne Hall

    Hi Wayne. Actually, if you forced me to choose, I’d say I was more introvert too.

    But I’m wary of these ways we polarise others and possibly ourselves. There’s got to be a role for social contact and for solitude for almost everyone; the mix is going to vary.


    Agree completely, Johnnie. Cheers.


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