Networks and lateral thinking

Adriana is on the money:

Innovation is non-linear – perhaps that is why all that networked stuff works rather well. What doesn’t work is the traditional command and control but that’s another conversation. Lateral thinking is rewarded in this day and age (actually I believe it always has been) and a good way to get cracking when thinking about new business models. So, Amazon’s ‘unique proposition’ is reader book reviews although it makes money on selling books, eBay ’sells’ reputation, makes money on auctions, Google’s offering is reach, though it makes money on text ads. Behind every new-ish business model is lateral monetisation struggling to get out.

She’s prompted to say this by Tom Glocer of Reuters. Reading his blog, I wish more CEOs could be like him. For instance, I loved this:

I posit the Groucho 2.0 Rule: “I refuse to participate in any social networking service that seeks to capitalize on my membership.”

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  1. Douro

    nice find, johnnie. Still need to reply to your shared air question but I’m posting/testing from an itouch and my fat fingers are a hindrance


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