New vs old reporting

Earl Mardle makes an interesting observation – Andrea Dworkin, Dead or Alive? – about how wikipedia effectively scooped mainstream media.

This is brilliant, not just for the fact that the story of Dworkin’s death was published on Wikipedia 24 hours before it hit any other news site, but for the open way in which the story is verified. For now Wikipedia people still defer to the corporate media for confirmation but as citizen journalism gains confidence and resources, that will fade.

His next post – Little Brother watches – and outnumbers – Big Brother is an optimistic interpretation of an issue that’s more often seen negatively. Interesting stuff.

3 thoughts on “New vs old reporting

  1. Tim Aldrich

    Ahem, I think you mean Andrea, not Andrew. Please feel free remove my comment if you amend the post.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Tim, thanks for that. I wasn’t paying attention earlier. I won’t remove your comment, as I see it as quite appropriate given that the post refers to the ability of open systems to verify and correct information!

    My mistake picked up and corrected in about 60 minutes. Brilliant.

  3. Earl Mardle

    Johnnie, the internet changes every damned thing, in ways that nobody anticipates. And cellphone cameras haven’t even begun to make their impact yet. Its why I call the blog A Networked World, Mtecalfe’s Law talks about the power of the network being the square of the numbe rof nodes; but that only covers the mathematical power, what I’m interested in is the power that comes from end to end connections among that many human beings.

    Or to quote Tony Perkins at Always on Today “Is the Internet Under-Hyped? Hell Yes!”


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