New York state of mind

Well I now have a New York telephone number.

This is courtesy of Skype. Anyone dialling 1 646 808 0415 will be connected to me via Skype wherever I happen to be logged on in the world. Any stateside readers are very welcome to give it a try.

And all it costs me is 30 Euros a year. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “New York state of mind

  1. Howard Mann

    Awesome indeed! Excellent choice of location as well..If I do say so myself 😉

    All for only 30 euros per year… I wonder if the long distance carriers hear the drum beats yet. They probably need a few more meetings and reports about this “Skype” thing that they heard their kids talking about.

  2. Paul Goodison

    Ditto on the ‘Cool’ comment.

    I know certain telco providers are very worried. So much so that they talked of blocking, limiting and charging a premium for such VOIP traffic. personally I thought they should have been launching their own services or partnering with people like Skype. I really should sort out doing this!


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